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Diatomite Super Absorbent Bath Mat

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Can't stand a sopping wet bath mat? W orried about getting your floor wet after you come out of the bathroom?

This innovative bath mat made of natural diatomite absorbs water from wet soles quickly and dries up in seconds. 

This amazing bath mat is really made of soil, or more specifically, Diatomaceous Earth (DE); a naturally occurring, highly absorbent material which retains water very efficiently, dries quickly, and has very effective deodorizing properties.

Enjoy the sensation of moisture being sucked away!

This way, when you step out of the bath or shower, its Safe Traction surface will help prevent slippery footprints, unwanted odors, and germs. While leaving your feet and your floor dryer, cleaner, and safer.

Materials: Natural Diatomite and Paper Pulp
Dimensions: 350 x 450 x 95 mm

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